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Nylon Loop


Nylon Loop carpet tiles are made by injecting tufted strands into a backing material. This manufacturing process results in a cloth being formed with small distinctive loops, a secondary backing layer is then bonded to add further stability and durability. The finished cloth is then backed with a layer of bitumen prior to being cut into individual tiles using a die. Loops which are needled the same height give this type of cloth its 'low level loop' name.

When nylon fibre is used to produce this tight loop texture, it provides a practical hard wearing, low maintenance flooring for use in any industrial or commercial situation. Nylon has several advantages over polypropylene, the greatest being that the pile is much softer and is specifically rated for use with office chairs with castor wheels. Carpet tiles made solely from 100% nylon fibre are designed for heavy contract use but tend to command a slighter higher price over an equivalent polypropylene product.

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