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Cut Pile

Close up of a cut pile

Cut Pile carpet tiles or 'plush velour' are soft to the touch and have a more sumptuous feel compared to the other types of carpet tile. Manufactured using a similar process as the nylon loop, the pile again is punched through a backing layer using barbed needles, making this the most luxurious of top cloths. The big difference here is that to gain this particular finish a much greater fibre weight content is required compared with any other type of construction (with the exception of barrier tiles). These tiles would usually be laid in more formal settings where a significant level of comfort or look of elegance is desired, for example, boardrooms, living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms, hotels, VIP reception areas or wedding venues.

The cloth is still backed in bitumen and cut into the same individual squares at their last production stage before being boxed and palletised ready for distribution. A cut pile tile more often than not would be made using 100% nylon yarn and definitely comes in at the higher end of the carpet tile price scale. This finish is for customers who are looking to achieve a more traditional rolled carpet with underlay feel, but with the benefits that carpet tiles bring not only in wear-ability but also in practicality. It is as close as you can get not only to a seamless wall to wall (no visible joint) appearance but also in feel and with a degree of bounciness. This tile exudes quality, to note, our Geneva Beige is a specially produced colour at the factory just for us so not available anywhere else in the world!

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