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Barrier tiles or 'entrance matting' carpet tiles are a type of fibre bonded tile. This manufacturing process is part of the same needle punch or needle felt family as the fine rib, broad rib, hobnail and velour. The pile as with all of these is punched through a backing layer using barbed needles to make a durable top cloth. The difference here is that the barrier tile, due to its expected use is run at a much heavier gauge where 1,150 grammes of fibre is used per metre to produce this extra heavy duty pile. The cloth again has a backing layer added before being backed with bitumen and eventually cut into 500mm x 500mm tiles.

This diagonal rib has been specifically designed not only to capture dirt within its deep grooves but also to hide soiling. The polypropylene yarn used on this product is extremely tough, stain resistant and permanently anti-static. This barrier tile is ideally suited for entrances and foyers and are laid in conjunction with normal carpet tiles. Using these in a doorway not only helps to protect from outside debris and rain but to give longevity to existing carpet tiles situated further in the building.

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